Approving the Scheme of import management by 2020 under international commitments

On August 03, 2015, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 1233/QD-TTg on approving the management of the import schemes by 2020 in accordance with the international commitments. Accordingly, the Government will strengthen import controls through the use of non-tariff measures, the rules on technical barriers on trading, quarantine and trade defense measures.

To tighten the import controls, the State will issue Law on Foreign Trade Management requiring businesses’ import license, automatic import licenses for certain types of goods that affect labor safety, traffic safety, the environment, human health, etc.

For each category of goods, the "fence" shall be different. For example, for the food sector, the State allows only oriented imported goods from foreign firms which were recognized by Vietnam authorities that meet the requirements of production manufacture, food safety. In addition, businesses may be required to present a certificate to be allowed to export to Vietnam for some items.